If you are worried about recurring cost of infrastructure even your actual user transactions haven’t started yet and you want to avoid upfront and recurring cost. Go Serverless!

Focus on your application, not the infrastructure

What is Serverless e-commerce?

Most of cloud providers AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, provides functionality to execute code by allocating dynamic resources. With Dynamic allocation they charge for only execution time.

Imaging in e-commerce you get charges only for User Login/Logout, Product Catalogue Search and Listing and then Order Creation. After Order creation your start processing payments, warehouse routing and initiate delivery process. This flow can be handled with small small functions and sticking various available services.

Advantages of Serverless:

  • Cost reduction
  • Realtime Scalability
  • Simplified Code (Implementation of Single Responsibility Principle as core)
  • Quicker turnaround deployment and go to market.

Reference Architectures

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