Web APIs or RESTFul APIs are gaining lots of traction within development communities. The approach is helping Backend and Frontend developers to work in parallel. API designers work with product development teams and create API contract documents for both the team to kick start product development. Eventually, this reduces the cost of development and fast go to the market by reducing the risk of failure.

Benefits of API First Approach

  1. Backend, Frontend, and Mobile app development teams can work parallel.
  2. When all teams work in parallel it reduces cost for product development buy reducing ideal time and pre-defined contract documents.
  3. Time to the market reduces with this API-First approach.
  4. Products can expose their APIs to external Developers for third-party development.
  5. High Success Rate as API request-response is already frozen and development teams don’t see work repetition.
  6. API Unit Testing Framework can be introduced from the very beginning.

Available Tools for API-First Approach

  1. Swagger.io https://swagger.io/
  2. Postman https://www.postman.com/
  3. apiray https://cloud.google.com/apigee
  4. Apigee https://cloud.google.com/apigee

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